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 CF-SS/Bipods are NO LONGER fabricated.


The NEW STAR SHOOTER CF-SS/bipod is made of light weight carbon fiber and aluminum. It also has quick adjustment with a turn of the handle move up or down, level your rifle with the middle handle, loosen and turn left or right and lock into desired place. SS skies which are designed with a square front for maximum performance for preloading.

Star Shooter Bipod Specs:

• Height Adjustment: 4 1/2 in. in lowest position with the width of 19 in.

  and up to 9 1/2 in. in highest position with the width of 13 1/2 in.

• Weight: 1 lb 14 oz.
• Maximum stock width: Up to 3-inches or more

Mounting the CF-SS/bipod:

Star Shooter does not offer any swivel stud adaptors. We highly recommend a European/Freeland type rail to be able to mount with the CF-SS/T-Accessory (find the CF-SS/T-Accessory in the ''Accessories'' section of the website).

You May also choose to mount with inserts, we will provide inserts if this is the option you prefer. Please advise at ''Check out'' when purchasing.

Our system offers two anchor points manking the bipod the most stable for optimizing your preformance.



Possible to own a CF-SS/bipod that is the light weight version

It is called the CF-LWSS/bipod

We have decided to offer the same bipod in a much lighter weight.

This new model comes in at : 1lb 8.7 (24.7 onces)

We offer this as an extra feature, please contact us if you would prefere to purchase the CF-LWSS/bipod.



The Star Shooter bipod was designed in Québec. This model has one rapid adjustment, one of the lightest bipods on the market. We recommend to mount the CF-SS bipod utilizing a rail accessory stud adapter(s). Mounting the bipod on a rail for optimum performance; it offers 3 pressure points on the stock, which is most stable. Rifles are mounted on compression pads for a wiggle free mount and to protect your stock. We would advise when purchasing to use the Star Shooter adapters for the best performance, sold seperately. *Note* Star Shooter adapters will be in the accessories section of the web site.

Legs adjust with a quick turn of a hand wheel knob and are locked tightly in place with adjustable locking levers.

The Star Shooter Bipod is designed for shooters in F-class Competition. It may be used also for varmint hunting, load testing, tactical shooting, sighting in rifles
Features include:

One rapid movement with the hand wheel adjustment.
Made of resistant high quality/light weight carbon fiber and 6061 T6 aluminum.
You may choose the anodizing option as an extra, in the color of your choice. *Note this option coming soon*



Star Shooter products are proudly manufactured in Marieville, Québec, Canada.


CF-SS/bipod height adjustment images

/album/cf-ss-bipod-height-adjustment-images/f-class-bipod-star-shooter-jpg/ /album/cf-ss-bipod-height-adjustment-images/f-class-bipod-star-shooter-0-jpg/ /album/cf-ss-bipod-height-adjustment-images/f-class-bipod-star-shooter-1-jpg/ /album/cf-ss-bipod-height-adjustment-images/f-class-bipod-star-shooter-2-jpg/

This is the STAR SHOOTER instructional video on how to install and use a CF-SS/bipod.

A good video if you have purchased a CF-SS/bipod or if you are looking into buying a bipod. Will give you an idea of how it works and shows how easy it is to install it.