Origin of F-Class

01/04/2015 07:59

F-Class is a precision long distance target shooting sport, in which competitors shoot at targets between 300 and 900 meters, with the object to place shots as close to the center, or “Bull” as possible.

It is a sport that was started in Canada, by the late George “Farky” Farquharson, after whom the sport is named. This sport involves using highly accurate single-shot centerfire rifles, high powered scopes and a means of steadying the rifle such as a bipod or pedestal rest. Participants shoot at paper bull’s eye targets at long distance, where the ability to read wind and other conditions determines success.

The sport was developed to address the fact that many shooters such as George were finding that in the face of advancing age and diminishing senses, it was difficult to shoot target rifles using open iron sights, and shooting off the elbows, and thus the sport of F-Class was born. 

From those humble beginnings, the sport has exploded in popularity all over the world and is now governed by an international regulatory body (https://www.icfra.com).  Far from being a sport of the elderly and infirm, F-Class involves superlatively accurate equipment combined with exceptional shooting skill. This is nothing to do with “Sniping”; our quarry is a 5-inch dot on paper target 1000 yards away and the tools of the trade bear little if any resemblance to the firearms used by snipers.

This is an article taken from the DCRA webpage.



My challenge to you all this year is if you are reading this invite family members or friends out to the range this season. Have them discover our beloved sport, they might be interested in trying F-Class or may just like to see what it is all about.

We are a fun bunch and love seeing new faces amoung us. Email us here at: star-shooter@live.ca if you would like to join us out on the shooting range, we will glady help guide you on dates and location of futur events.