Intro to the firearms world!

03/07/2015 12:15

I was born and raised in a small town in northern Quebec. A paradise of hunting and fishing for many. Sadly I was born into a family who did not hunt or fish?!

I discovered the world of fishing and hunting from Fred. I enjoyed discovering nature through the camera lense. I am a photo nut if you don't already know.

F-Class was introduced to Fred by SS team mate Darin. He brought Fred to an F-Class match for the first time and Fred was hooked. That is where our F-Class journey began. 

From there the birth of Star Shooter came naturally. I love being out on the range. I participate in team matches when I can. It is what I most prefer because wind reading is a challenge for myself being a mother of two little ones (prorities).

This is my very short story of how our small family business was born. I hope you enjoy Star Shooter products, we enjoy serving you. We take much pride in our service and we do our very best to make sure everyone is performing to the best of their abilites with our SS custom products.


Best Regards,

Tessa Plourde