Star Shooter products are designed for shooters in F-class competition, varmint hunting, load testing, tactical shooting, sighting in rifles.

Star Shooter bipods provide a strong, comfortable and stable platform for most rifles. It is really a pleasure to shoot our bipods.

Star Shooter rifle stocks offer new innovative designs to revolutionize the world of F-Class shooting.

Most recent photos

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New video

Check out the STAR SHOOTER instructional video on how to install and use a CF-SS/bipod. A good video if you have purchased a CF-SS/bipod or if you are looking into buying a bipod. Will give you an idea of how it works and shows how easy it is to install it. See it in the video section of the web site and the products section on the CF-SS/bipod page, or the bottom of our home page.

You would like to test out a Star Shooter product? Feel free to ask if we are on site, we always carry extra!!!

Star Shooter Marksman

F-Class Explained

09/02/2016 13:50
F-Class Explained How do I explain F-Class shooting? I am very fond of using analogies, so here I go. Let’s say the powers that be tell race car teams and drivers, “You people can do just about anything you want as long as the car only weighs so much and you don’t strap a jet engine on it.”...


Mansonville Rifle Association

07/05/2012 19:51
This is a message we received today from Mr. Richard Plante.   Bonjour a tous / Hello everyone,   Bonne nouvelle, Great News     Le champs de tir est approuvee, Date de Journee "porte Ouverte" soit le 2 ou 9 juin, 9AM - 5PM   Si vous avez des questions, appelez...


26/04/2012 12:30
The new season is upon us, the Star Shooter team would like to wish everyone a great shooting season, and may the weather be on our side. Here is an update on our CF-SS/bipod second series of production. We are very proud to announce the production is done! Just in time for the new shooting...