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F-Class Explained

09/02/2016 13:50
F-Class Explained How do I explain F-Class shooting? I am very fond of using analogies, so here I go. Let’s say the powers that be tell race car teams and drivers, “You people can do just about anything you want as long as the car only weighs so much and you don’t strap a jet engine on it.”...

100m airgun shoot

05/11/2015 14:02
Hi Tessa i ame verry proud to let you know that i have won the last 100m airgun shoot in  Katwijk/Netherlands,of course using my CF-SS bipod;   Greatings&respect Geuens Eric Belgium     Congratulations to our friend Eric!...

Welcome To the Firing Line

01/09/2015 11:12
     How did I get started in competition shooting? This is the question I hear more than any. I think back to the day I drove two hours to watch a match. Boom, I was instantly addicted. Little did I realize then that it would take my life down an unexpected path.  I like...

Intro to the firearms world!

03/07/2015 12:15
I was born and raised in a small town in northern Quebec. A paradise of hunting and fishing for many. Sadly I was born into a family who did not hunt or fish?! I discovered the world of fishing and hunting from Fred. I enjoyed discovering nature through the camera lense. I am a photo nut if you...

Shane's Outback Adventure

02/06/2015 09:14
About 4 months ago I took a trip out to my local rifle club in Clermont Queensland Australia, to have a go at Australian F Standard. Having never shot a gun in my life I just thought it might be something I'd enjoy. After shooting the club gun and talking to the half dozen members, all of whom were...

Sam's Bedding job

14/05/2015 08:45
Seulement un mot pour te remercier du très bon travail accompli sur la crosse d'aluminium, et le bedding.SAM

Meet Rhys Ireland, F-Open Junior shooter

08/05/2015 10:18
Meet Rhys Ireland, F-Open Junior shooter. Rhys was introduced to shooting in North Carolina at the age of 6 when he met his coach and mentor, Charles Armentrout (  Charles introduced Rhys to many aspects of shooting sports, including pistol, shotgun and rifle. ...

2015 SS F-Class Rifle Team

10/04/2015 19:48
The 2015 team has been announced! We would like to take a moment and thank our sponsors for their support.Click the link for the following video: Star Shooter

Origin of F-Class

01/04/2015 07:59
F-Class is a precision long distance target shooting sport, in which competitors shoot at targets between 300 and 900 meters, with the object to place shots as close to the center, or “Bull” as possible. It is a sport that was started in Canada, by the late George “Farky” ...

Star Shooter Lapua authorized dealer

28/02/2015 14:06
Bonjour Tessa and friends. As the official Lapua importer we are please to have Star Shooter as an authorized dealer. Fred and Tessa bring new ideas and product in their support of the shooting sports. We wish them all the best and support them fully. Best regards, Peter Dobson Hirsch Precision...